Building Restoration Service

Why Clean Matters

How a commercial property looks can greatly affect how successful it is. At Key Building Services, we know how much this matters to many companies. That’s why our services are available nationwide. No matter where you are, we’ll make your windows shine. Our promising customer service ensures your windows will be cleaned right.

Equipment We Use

Cleaning high-rise commercial buildings is not for the faint of heart. It also requires specialty tools to get the job done right. With equipment like aerial lifts, ladders, powered platforms, rope access, and water-fed poles, we’ll be able to safely access even the highest windows. If your building requires extensive washing or a simple cleaning, call us today.

We Have Extensive Training and Will Use Low-Pressure Nozzles

Providing Professional Service

Why Pressure Wash?

Problems like algae, mold, cobwebs, rust, and mildew can greatly decrease the appearance of a commercial property and may even affect how your company looks to potential customers. These issues can negatively impact driveways as well. If you have any questions about our pressure washing services, contact us.

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial buildings are often constructed with varying materials. As such, it’s imperative that each area is cleaned right. By using low-pressure nozzles, Key Building Services will remove any stains on delicate surfaces like stucco or painted facades. No matter where you are nationwide, your business will look as good as new.

Our Nationwide Painting Service

Building Restoration

For older commercial buildings, leaking is a great possibility. Over time, features like window gaskets will deteriorate, which increases the chances of leaking and further structural problems. Likewise, building materials like caulk can also wither away. If you have these issues, contact Key Building Services. We help people nationwide.

Spalling Assistance

Spalling occurs when metal begins to fail, either through excessive rust or repetitive expansion. If you can spot rust stains, your building likely has this issue. If unsure, we’ll identify whether it is rust, efflorescence, calcite, vanadium, white scum, or something else. No matter the issue, we’ll stop the damage and repair these areas.

Our Other Services

In addition to providing your company’s business with structural repair, painting services, and damage mitigation, we also offer restorative work to surfaces like limestone, sandstone, EIFS, and unpolished marble. Likewise, we’ll manage surfaces such as:
Commercial 1

Properties We Help

No building looks the same. Some only have base-level windows while others have them everywhere. Fortunately, our company can properly clean any structure’s glass, be it shopping malls, universities, banks, government facilities, or insurance companies. No matter how tall or short your building is, we’re the ones to call for window cleaning.
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What We Will Provide

With soft washing cleaning techniques, our trained professionals will appropriately and proactively remove any mold or algae stains currently affecting your commercial building. Our practices ensure that surfaces will stay much cleaner for quite a long time. If your building needs algae, mold, or rust stains removed, work with us.